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9 jun 2023 om 14:28 high speed! This is my first time trying Indian food, it is very delicious, I hope to have the opportunity to try it in the store!
8 jun 2023 om 19:59 When I order Indian food is always from them. Amazing !
7 jun 2023 om 10:11 Very good food
5 jun 2023 om 19:07 Ordered a LOT of food so makes sense for the longer wait time, although it was overall 40/45 mins. The butter chicken was delicious and fresh as well as the mixed tandoori grill plate and lentils, and garlic Naan! Best of all, it was all still HOT!
4 jun 2023 om 18:26 De Chicken Tikka was helaas rauw! Voor de rest wel redelijk lekker, maar voorgaande toch iets om hier helaas niet meer te bestellen.
2 jun 2023 om 15:15 Good butter chicken, but the delivery was really slow.
1 jun 2023 om 17:37 Good amount, great flavour and taste! I will repeat!
1 jun 2023 om 10:55 Eten was lekker en warm. Vriendelijke bezorger.
31 mei 2023 om 11:41 Delivery took long because they said it was busy but gave me a free drink so that was nice. Food was delicious but naan was very heavy on my stomach. Would recommend though
29 mei 2023 om 21:26 Absolutely lovely food.
28 mei 2023 om 10:21 Wij bestellen vaak erg hier. Heerlijke
27 mei 2023 om 20:38 Verkeerde bestelling gekregen en het was echt niet lekker. Zal hier nooit meer bestellen sorry.